Resident Evil Revelations PC Savegame 100% Complete Download

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Resident Evil Revelations PC Save Game 100% Complete Download


Resident Evil Revelations 100% Complete Savegame .It’s all go to the RAID mode, all the complexity, all with the rank of “S”.open all the characters, but not overtly 3 skins – for Chris and two other men (the latter, the third in the list of skins). Though not a great loss, strength domuchivat it at me anymore.

 And in a campaign New Game +, and in RAID mode, open almost all that is possible and inventory beautiful and there, and there.Saved is the start of all the chapters in all sohranenka good inventory. Throughout the game used only one cheat – to increase the number of parts (mods) for weapons, so that all guns had a normal bleeding.

If you want to play with that save game on the network through any grinlumy – on health.’ll Scare all 47 levels and great loot.Actually why the second version of the spread – if the first version was focused on the campaign, here are open almost all multiplayer buns.

– Infinite Health
– Infinite Ammo
– Infinite Herbs
– Open the rocket launcher with infinite ammunition in the campaign, almost all the extra ammo for all weapons (lets you carry a lot more ammo.)
– Found almost all the weapons in the campaign (in theory but three branches – the three slots reserved for the case I think if you remove all the weapons with Jill)
– Found almost all modifications to the weapons of the highest level.Similarly, we find all the most useful.
– Opened last suit Chris in RAID Mode
– The level in the RAID Mode – 48 and a half.






 Installation :

Copy to

C: \ Users \ your name \ AppData \ Local \ FLT \ Steam \ 222480 \ remote
C: \ ProgramData \ Steam \ RLD! \ 222480 \ storage \


download buttom


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1. Click the Download button
2. On Download page , An Offer will appear to verify that you are a human and not a bot.This is to prevent the number of downloads because we are giving away only 500 Downloads of Resident Evil Revelations Savegame .Simply fill in a short free offer and then download the file .Offer will be unlocked by just entering email or mobile number .
3. Once you fill the offer , download will start .Just save it to your desktop .

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