Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xbox360 And PS3 Game Save Editor


Final Fantasy XIII-2  Xbox360 And PS3 Game Save Editor

Ok guys along awaited editor finally here.This editor took months to complete lol but besides all that there is SO MANY options you can use with our editor it’s not even funny so let’s get started .This Editor Works For Xbox360 and PS3

Ok I moved everything in a read me file clean it up alil

Dev Mode
FTP Mode
USB Mode
Weapon Editor
Accessory Editor
Item Editor
Monster Meterial Editor
Component Editor
Special Item Editor
Party Editor
Monster Stat Editor
Historia Crux ——–Hacks fragments,frag skils,timeline etc.
Memory Editor
(There was a Glitch that if you hacked to much on the first Level and in the game for that matter you will corrupt your save with this editor no more need in messing up your save thank Echelo for that one:)

Make sure if your gonna use the monster editor to un-slot your monsters first then hack your monsters.
also if you don’t know how to use the party editor don’t use lol,and you cannot ride chocobos with anyone besides serah and noel

For anybody else having problems include your save when your asking for help so i can see what’s going on.


Had to update some things but it’s back online.

If your goona use the memory editor make sure to download xdevkit.dll (xbox nieghborhood) and dont work with TU1 ( i think but works with dlc lol) And memory editor only been tested on pal version:(

//New version 1.16 monster support for Ultros, Typhoon, and Jihl Nabaat.



Known problems


What I can confirm is this

USB Mode //Only works with higher gb sticks like 4gb and up,I have a 2gb and mine wouldn’t read at all.This is what it seems like.

Party Editor and freezing // When I loaded my save I had hacked everything and everything worked even party swapping however at the start of the game i WANTED
to return to HC and then I got a freeze this goes for battles has well when i entered one i had a loading screen then freeze.So in other words don’t really use the party editor unless you know what your doing lol.
Echelo also said if you max your atb to 6 and add a weapon that gives you a point to atb making it 7 or more you can also get a freeze.

Dev mode and usb mode are working along with all the other stuff in the editor.For ppl that are having problems opening up app we believe it’s the sound file so it will be removed in a future release (1.15) this should help ppl to open editor.Even me had a problem like this where the mouse seems to be loading but no app running yet the app comes on for me later on anyway lol.But some ppl might not be so lucky.Also if you want the two achievements for fragments just goto the Historia crux (in game lol) and load a paradox ending and bam.

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