Dead Space 3 PS3 Save Game 100% Complete All Trophies Unlocked Download

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Dead Space 3 PS3 Game Save US & EU Region Download


Multiple Dead Space 3 Savegames saved at different levels and checkpoints

Game Completed over on normal difficulty. 10 or more trophies should pop !

RIG Master
Fully upgrade your RIG.

Well the trophy isn’t to hard, but it maybe save a bit of time. so all you have to do, is continue the story, after that
turn around and use the elevator. walk through the left side in the small corridor and after a few steps u’ll see a
“Suit Kiosk”. Got to Upgrade Rig -> Stasis and buy the last upgrade. Thats all.

These saves will unlock the hardest trophies like all difficulties, kills, collections. “Some trophies will pop-up just do the requirements”

Axes High save: unlock Electric Lawnmower, Dropping Acid, Empty Chamber, Shootbang, Blast Corps, Slow Mo, Ghosts of the Past, Full House. The Professor – go to chapter 14, Co-op mission it will in second floor using small elevator in same room.

Drill Sergeant: to unlock it don’t get any damage, after the short cut run to next spot and stand before the door.

Filename : All Dead Space 3 PS3
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