Gangstar Vegas IOS Hack Cheats Unlimited Cash SP Keys

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Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action series!


Play as a mixed martial arts fighter in a BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE
Make your way through 80 ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS
Team up with the wildest characters to take over the city


Explore a BIGGER MAP, 9x the size of previous Gangstars
Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects making use of HAVOK PHYSICS
Climb the leaderboards in WILD CHALLENGES like races, fights, carnage missions & more!
Break the bank in addictive CASINO GAMES


Access INSANE WEAPONS like Molotov Cocktails, Flamethrowers & an Electric Guitar!
Drive CRAZY VEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars & fighter jets
UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS & GEAR and customize their appearance



Gangstar Vegas v1.0.1 Hack Features



  • Infinite Cash
  • Infinite SP
  • Infinite Keys
  • Sp Hack – 0 cost For Skill Upgrades
  • Infinite Parachute’s
  • Max Respect – just kill some 1 you will get the lord of crime msg
  • Infinite Health Packs
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Repair Packs
  • Infinite Grenades
  • Infinite Armor Packs


mjr6df Gangstar Vegas IOS Hack Cheats Unlimited Cash SP Keys



  • Jailbroken Device Iphone ,Ipad and Ipod Touch



 Hack Instructions:

1 – download the hacked binary below
2 – extract the zip and place the hacked binary in /var/mobile/Applications/GanstarIV/
3 – set permissions 777 (optional if you have overwritten the file
4 – Launch Game and enjoy



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