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Battle Pirates Hack, one of the first programs created by our community users.This Battle Pirates Hack trainer is the safest trainer you can find on the Internet. We included all safe features that will not get your account banned. All of the features has been tested heavily through multiple accounts and community members. You can be sure your account is safe. All hack features is undetected.


Battle Pirates Hack Features


    * Instant Resources
    * Instant Upgrade
    * Instant Build
    * Instant Ship Build
    * Instant Research
    * Instant Ship Repair
    * Instant Repair
    * Instant Fortify
    * Instant Turret
    * Instant Refit
    * All hacks checks Removed – Your account will be safe and you wouldn’t be banned.
    * Records to Game Server Removed – The game server will not keep a record and log of your actions while you play the game. They can’t ban you without proof!
    * More Capacity for Resources
    * You can change your base name unlimited times! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
    * Rank ships upgrade instantly! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
    * Complete blueprints instantly! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
    * Instant Land Tiles (New Feature!)
    * Auto update feature – Don’t ever worry about new patches for the game, the trainer will be updated automatically every time!



How To Use .swf Hacks


For this you must need;
A hacked .Swf,
Fiddler or charles (fiddler is recommended)
Firefox or Google Chrome.

First step – configure Fiddler/Charles.



Find the correspondent link for the game .swf . (If you do not know how to get this please look at the bottom of the thread on the section extra).
Goto autoresponder, then click all the boxes.
Click add, then put the link on the http.



Find the correspondent link for the game .swf . (If you do not know how to get this please look at the bottom of the thread on the section extra).
Goto map local and on put the link on.

2nd step – Have the .swf ready.
Put the hacked .swf in a folder where it can be easily identified and not confused by other .swf

3rd step – Configure fiddler/Charles



On auto responder, where you added that link click on it, look at the bottom where it says save, right next to it below the link that you put in, there should be an empty box.
Click on the arrow and at the bottom click on select file – select the hacked .swf.



On map local,
Find the link that you put in, there select the hacked .swf to be used.

4th step – configure firefox/google chrome

Both browsers easy step;

Clear the cache and reload the game.
It should be done!


  Battle Pirates Hack v1.2  Download

Filename : game-v102.v14743.swf (3.62 MB)
Total Visits:1378

Total Downloads :549



Why use Battle Pirates Hack?


It will allow you to save time!

You should learn more about the game before, using Battle Pirates Hack.As much as games are fun to play, they could easily eat up a ton of you personal time. The MMROPGs are especially addictive as you need energy, selfless dedication, and many hours of play to get to your goal. Often, it will take you days, if not months, to get to the level where you can truly start to feel like you are having some fun…


It will allow you to save money!

You know the old saying “Time is money.” But we would argue that time is worth more than money. The time you spend in the game on boring, routine activities is the time you’ll never get back and enjoy as much.
Lastly, it is just more fun! Time to skip the boring routine, save time, and ultimately play for fun!

How To Download l Help l

1. Click the Download button above to go to Download Page
2. On Download page , A survey will appear to verify that you are a human and not a bot.This is to prevent battle pirate hack being patched .Simply fill in a short free survey and then download the file .
3. Once you fill the survey , download will start .Just save it to your desktop and do as above instruction


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