Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Game Save Xbox360 level 50 All Skills



Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Game Save Xbox360 level 50 All Skills



Mechromancer Completed Playthrough 2.5

Level 50 with Legendary Weapons and Modded 500 Backpack Space

and all Skills Purchased with no leftover skill points

Final Boss to complete on playthrough 2 and all side missions to discover, exact number of skill points to purchase every skill with no skill points left over which a lot of people have been asking for and Max Money

I haven’t filled the entire 500 backspace but there are some good weapons there already if you use my legendary Save from my other topic you can transfer as many legendary orange weapons to her as you like so I hope you like there won’t be any reminder message about leftover points so please enjoy and as always please don’t forget to Change all your id’s and Save, Rehash, Resign and copy to device.

Mechromancer Modded level 50 with all skills purchased and no skill points leftover and with Modded backpack of 500 and on playthrough 2.5

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