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Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Class DLC Xbox360



As many Borderlands 2 fans out there will be familiar, the Mechromancer is a new class that players will be able to play as in Borderlands 2, and was originally offered as a pre-order bonus packed into the Premiere Pass. This was planned to be released next Tuesday, October 16, but instead, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox has revealed a nice little surprise. Instead of the original planned release date, the Mechromancer class will instead be launching later today, and should be available on all platforms by the end of the day!

As far as skill trees, the Mechromancer features options for both new and veteran players alike. The ‘Best Friends Forever’ tree gives gamers new to the series (and gaming in general) the chance to play alongside their more skilled friends. Using this tree won’t force players to score a direct hit as bullets fired closed to enemies can have up to a 50% chance to ricochet and still do damage at a reduced rate

On the other side of the camp, more experience players can raise their skills up the Mechromancer’s ‘Ordered Chaos’ tree. This allows fans to stack up elemental damage alongside their robot minion, Deathtrap, in order to create an increasing damage bonus the higher the stack gets.



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