Borderlands 2 PS3 Game Save Level 50 Legendary Weapons Gold Keys



Borderlands 2 PS3 Game Save






Features :

– 100% Complete Game Save
– Character is Gunzerka
– True Vault Hunter Mode Completed
– The saves have max money and enough skill points to fill all the trees.

    * All characters
    * Level 50
    * Max Money
    * Max Skill points
    * 125 golden keys

Level 50  Weaphons


Lyuda x2*
Skull Masher

Confrence Call x2*

Blood of Terramorphous

Fire Bee

Flame Of The Fire Hawk
The Bee x2*
Hide of Terramorphous*

Baby Maker*

Shredifier* x2*

Rapid Infinity*


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How To Download l Help l

1. Click the Download button above to go to Download Page
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3. Once you fill the survey , download will start .Just save it to your desktop and do as above instruction


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