Battlefield 3 Premium Keys Generator V.2.0 July 2012


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Battlefield 3 Premium Keys Generator V.2.0



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1) Download and install  (Origin) in your PC. You can download it here !

2) Go to EA website HERE and create one account.

3) Copy the Key from  Battlefield 3 Premium Keys Generator V.2.0

4) Login in your EA download manager (Origin) in your pc and click in Setting, them Redeem code and paste our CD-Key , them you will see your game and just download it, install and PLAY!

5. Play and enjoy!


Internet connection MUST be active when generating.It’s 100% virus free.




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 Battlefiled 3 Keygen V.2.0 Updated July, 2012

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How to play Battlefield 3 for free?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  • step 1: Choose a free survey(slow method),or use mobile survey(faster method)
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  • step 3: Congratulations you have successfully redeemed Battlefield 3 key.Enjoy.




How It Works:

  • Battlefield 3 Keygen will first generate Battlefield 3 game, and when you active battlefield 3 on your origin account, press again generate button and it will start generate premium key.
  • If you already own Battlefield 3 Keygen will automatically detect the game and start to generate premium key.
  • If you get prompt for the update please do it because every day DICE is trying to patch a security hole. We work very hard to bypass that security hole and just because you guys are awesome and showing us amazing support , Battlefield 3 Keygen will always be up to date . See you on the battlefield.


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